Batgirl #35 - Babs’ OOTD No. 1 and OOTD No. 2
Here are some fashion illustrations inspired by what Babs was rocking in our first issue of Batgirl! <3  I cant name where these IRL items are specifically (legal stuff!) BUT you can at least check out how her fashions translate from the comic page to IRL and try to track it down yourself! :)  

Babs’ Street Style : Tomboy! 
Lots of people asked about what our approach for Babs’ street style is for this book. For right now, its very tomboy/comfy/cute. Babs’ is dealing with a lot in grad school and fighting crime in her off hours so we figured she would be not the biggest fashionista. She would most 
definitely go for comfy cute before shiny and pink. She never rocks a lot of make or curls her hair before shes goes out the door. BUT Babs’ has got the 5 min makeup routine down and has a hand full of cute go-to hair styles that require minimal effort and can be achieved while running out the door to class! 

Hopefully this is a fun look at the thought process that goes into dressing Babs :) 

- BT


We had a wonderful Batgirl party at fantasticcomics with babsdraws yesterday! So many people showed up in cosplay and Batgirl outfits. Babs’s talk was amazing and she stayed for such a long time finishing everyone’s commissions. We have a full event gallery, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made the event so much fun!

Such a fun event!! Thank you Fantastic Comics! <3

My one and only commission I took at #NYCC! Too cute not to turn down! 💜


Sneak peeking? My shoot with the #bosozokusailorscouts @babdraws #babstarr #cosplay #cosplays #cosplayer #groupcosplay #sailormoon #sailorscouts #nycc #monknycc


My sailor mercury biker punk rock outfit basic on @babsdraws draw wonderful art of sailormoon biker punk gang. Scent i didn’t have cool Motorbike. I add Assessors to outfit. Doing my best to keep true babs design. She amazing Artest and do check out her other work. I’m really happy she love my Cosplay of her mercury. #sailormoon #babsbabsbabs #babsdraw #cosplay #biker #sailormercury #punk #nyccon #nyc

Babs! I adore your art... but I've never read a Batgirl comic in my life! D: D'you think a newby like me'd be able to keep up if I jumped in with #35?

Yes! You can totally just jump on board and you wont miss a thing! :) 


One week until I leave for NYCC! BATGIRL WILL GET FINISHED!!!!! Hoping last night’s setback of unusable cowl casting materials is the only one for the rest of this build >___< WISH ME LUCK!!!

bethany!!! looking so good!