Frank had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Babs Tarr, the new artist of Batgirl, at Boston Comic Con 2014. We talk being tumblr famous, cosplay & of course Batgirl!

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Little interview with me from BCC!!! Check it out! :) 

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Another piece for a Fangamer x Attract Mode show!! This years show theme was all about the “love” baby! SO of course I drew an playful Peach and Mario for the show. That princess has got that plumber wrapped around her little finger. ;) 

The show is Aug 30th in Seattle and tickets are available at the link below!


Batgirl's new creative team is taking her down a lighter path, but not one without obstacles

“It’s incredible. I mean, more than anything, it’s validating because this was sort of a controversial way to handle it and change it, and change it from something that was fairly dark and somber and take it 180 degrees the other direction to make it light,” Stewart said. “I think we were all confident it was going to get a good response, but I think we thought maybe it would get more like a golf clap like an ‘Oh, very good, very nice,’ but instead it’s been this tidal wave of support, and it’s incredibly validating.”


I just saw the sketches Babs Tarr did of Barbara! I'm so impressed!! If the book has this much quality of art, I'm definitely picking it up! (But who am I kidding, Batgirl's my favorite character anyway, so you know I'm going to keep reading!) I have so much faith in you guys!


Babs art in the actual comic is even better. For real. These were her early sketches. I’m doing the story layouts, and Babs is doing the finished art, and the combination of the two of us is, I think, really interesting and unique. Thanks for the faith, we hope you like it!


What Cameron is trying to say is that together we are “kiiiiiiiilling it~~~” hahaha

Cant wait to show some final pages!! :) 


💛 All those #BCC Batgirls though…!!!!! 💛 What an amazing weekend it was so great chatting with every single one of you! Thanks for all the love!!

(cosplayer credits : help!! I only know bottom top right instagram : princessstarlord and bottom right:! message if you know the others<3)


💛See you fools at #BostonComicCon💛 table C323! xoxo #representing #Batgirl #BabsTarr

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By Dr. Andrea Letamendi

Despite all the big publishing news to come out around or during last month’s San Diego Comic-Con, the new comic book that remains most anticipated by many superhero fans — and by others who don’t yet know they’re waiting for it — is Batgirl. Perhaps the one DC or Marvel comic that really does deserve a new #1 issue, Batgirl’s youthful and stylish revamp at the hands of Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr and Brenden Fletcher was met with massive electronic response when it was announced just ahead of the San Diego show, inspiring countless pieces of fan-art, praise from women readers and pros, and some criticism from current fans for seemingly abandoning the darker aesthetic values of the three-year-old New 52 title.

There’s a lot to unpack about the new Batgirl and we only had a few minutes with her new creative team in which to do it at SDCC. Read on for remarks by series co-writer and layout artist Cameron Stewart, co-writer Brenden Fletcher, editor Mark Doyle, and of course series artist (and, perhaps, the series’ spiritual guide) Babs Tarr.


I'm a huuuuge fan of your beautiful drawins, very fabulous. I was wondering, since u've been drawing some of them with those awesome tops, where I might find such nice tops

Thank you! Hmm, I draw a lot of tops….they are from many places and sometimes my head! BUT mostly from Nastygal, Topshop, Forever21, Modcloth, ASOS! Good luck!!! <3 


From the floor of San Diego Comic-Con, DC All Access chats with the creative team behind the new BATGIRL. Get a sneak peek of what’s to come and more.

Oh man, watch me on video talk about batgirl with my amazing batgirl team!! 


#SDCC was so insane yesterday guys!! I had the biggest day!!!

Breakfast with the lovely #Valkyries, video interview on CBRs yacht, interview with Wired at Wired cafe, Press Junket at the DC Entertainment booth, Batgirl, fan appreciation meet up, art demo on the DC stage, and then dinner with the lovely @kristaferanka, @jakewyattriot and Zachary Roone! Lots of Batgirl talk! You guys are gunna love this book, the Batgirl team (Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle) is amazing!

💕Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support!!💕

Top L to  Bottom R!
(1) Me, Cameron Stewart, BATGIRL! 
(2) Me
(3) Interviewer, Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Me, Mark Doyle!


Finally got to meet one of my most favorite artists and lovely ladies- @babsdraws 😍
Everyone go preorder Batgirl please. 💛💜👌

Met some great people at the Batgirl meet up at SDCC!! <3